Winter Ready Kids

Are your kids Winter Ready? Patriot Jiu-Jitsu welcomes kids age 7-12 to our Winter Ready Kids Summer Camp where kids will learn to enjoy the process of learning. We’ll be teaching kids about healthy eating habits, exercise routines specific to their goals, as well as self defense, anti-bullying and other leadership classes. We will also be teaching basic first aid and outdoor survival tactics for kids. The goal of our program is to arm our kids with the knowledge and training to be confident in making the right decision when confronted with conflict or an emergency situation.

June 15th-August 10th

Tue/Wed/Fri @10am-1:30pm

This program will be 8 weeks long and parents can sign their kids up by individual weeks or signing up for the whole camp at a discounted rate(preferred).

Tue/Wed will be Study/Training Days where we will practice new skills and techniques to become Winter Ready Kids.

Every Friday will be Game Day. Meaning we will test what they’ve learned under time and pressure. We will also use this to develop their teamwork and their leadership skills.

8 week program – $300(Members) $400(Non-Members)

Single Week – $50(Members) $70(Non-Members)

Contact us to register or for more information at

The real impact of our actions is determined by the success of the next generation. As martial arts instructors our pride and joy should lie within seeing our children become virtuous men and women.

– Coach Dwight Hargett

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