Tactical Parenting

Join my wife and I, as we share our personal story of how struggling to help our daughter fight cancer and OMS (Opsoclonus Myoclonus Syndrome) led us to beating the system and becoming the Tactical Parents we are today. We will be teaching 3 essentials to becoming your Family Guardian.

A Tactical Parent is the Guardian of the condition of your body and mind, and that of your children’s. In the world we live in, we believe there is nothing more important then developing these skills that will protect and safeguard your family. At this seminar we will be teaching what we believe to be the 3 most important subjects necessary to master in your journey to becoming a Tactical Parent:

  • What is Health Care? 🥙🥓💪
  • Becoming a Guardian ⚔️👌
  • Intro to Emergency First Aid 🚨🚑

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What is Health Care

We will cover the difference between healthcare and Health Care, and how healthcare nearly destroyed our daughter’s life. We will also share our best practices to help you live your healthiest life.
Becoming a Guardian

Being a Family Guardian starts with learning how to protect yourself and those you love. We will share and practice de-escalating and dominating an attacker until help arrives.
Intro to First Aid

Responding to your child’s medical emergency is scary. Rather than avoiding the thought, train your response. We will cover our best practices for safety, as well as responding to the most common scenario’s

As a Marine Corps Infantry veteran and Jiu-Jitsu Coach, I’ve specialized in training kids, Marines, retired athletes; helping them to build peak physical performance.. As a mom of 4 and LVN nurse my wife has worked in both our “Home Health Care” and the “healthcare” system. Our goal is to help parents seize their power through knowledge and practical application and build a community of Tactical Parents in Southern Utah!

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